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Originally published by Vancouver Province on Sunday, October 12, 2008. All rights reserved.

What do B.C. people like doing with their Sundays?

Each week Province reporter Cheryl Chan talks to a well-known B.C. personality to find out

By Cheryl Chan, The Province

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shaun Verreault, the 34-year-old guitarist and lead vocalist for Wide Mouth Mason, had always been drawn to Vancouver when he was touring with his band. But when he met his wife, Burnaby native Janine Levchuk, in 2001 the Saskatchewan native became a permanent West Coast boy and began spending Sundays eating crab and checking out sea otters.

What's your perfect Sunday?

The perfect Sunday with us is watching some trash morning television, making and eating breakfast together, then suiting up and going for an epic hike from our place on Richards Street, down to the seawall in Yaletown, and following it all the way around Stanley Park. On the walk, we'd probably stop at the aquarium and check out the sea otters, see how they're doing. Then after Stanley Park, we'd go to Kirin, the seafood restaurant for some Hong Kong-style crab.

By now it would be mid or late afternoon so we'd come home, maybe have some friends meet us at Uva, the wine bar, and spend an evening having drinks and appetizers then come home upstairs and play some music and spend an evening with my wife.

How long have you lived in B.C.?

Eight years. I was always drawn here from the first time we played here. I was really attracted to the scenery and the lifestyle, the studios and the live shows and the food. And then when I met my wife, it became where I lived.

Do you wake up early?

Relatively early, probably for what people would consider for a musician. People assume we sleep forever. But when I'm home I'm actually on my wife's schedule, so I actually get to see the mornings. [The perfect Sunday I described involves] a pretty long walk. It takes hours, so we'll leave pretty early but we'll be leisurely about it.

TV shows. How trashy are we talking about?

Whatever marathon MuchMusic is running, or on the other side of the trashiness, if there's something excellent on Passionate Eye or if the Shawshank Redemption or the Big Lebowski is on. They're like quicksand. Even though I've seen them 50 times I'm gonna end up watching it all to the end.

Stanley Park. What's the big attraction?

The sea otters. We're really big fans, well before the hype of the handholding YouTube sensations [Vancouver Aquarium otters Nyac and Milo holding hands]. They swim around and eat tons and tons of seafood. They don't have blubber like other marine animals do so they have to keep their metabolism up by eating all the time. Al Purdy, the Canadian poet, once said otters are "comically serious." There's something about their determined yet skittish nature that's funny to watch and you see a lot of yourself reflected in them. We've been playing with the idea of doing a children's book about sea otters, so it's partly been research.

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