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Originally published by ChartAttack.com on Wednesday, March 31, 2004. All rights reserved.

Wide Mouth Mason Hit The Road

By Andre Mihsin, ChartAttack.com

Contrary to their boisterous sounding name, Wide Mouth Mason have been very quiet for the last little while. In fact, the band's last album was 2002's Rained Out Parade, although they did release a Greatest Hits album... in China.

However, despite inactivity in the recording aspect of their career, the band are indeed still kicking and touring. In fact, they've just announced some Canadian tour dates, so all you diehard Wide Mouth Mason have something to cheer about.

Also, the band announced on their official website that the prices for their albums on Amazon have been lowered, so Wide Mouth Mason encourages their fans to restock their old and worn out CDs with new ones and to buy some for family and friends.

You can catch Wide Mouth Mason at the following cities:

  • April 1 Edmonton,AB @ TransAlta Arts Barn
  • April 2 Edmonton, AB @ Urban Lounge
  • April 8 Vancouver, BC @ Arts County Fair (UBC)
  • April 9 Courtenay, BC @ Mt. Washington Ski Resort
  • June 9 Lethbridge, AB @ Spin Nightclub
  • June 12 Vulcan, AB @ Culture & Rec Centre
  • July 8 Grande Prairie, AB @ Summer Slam
  • July 18 Nakusp, BC @ Nakusp Music Fest
  • August 14 Peterborough, ON @ Festival Of Lights

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