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Originally published by ChartAttack.com on Tuesday, April 10, 2001. All rights reserved.

ChartAttack's Review of the Tenth Annual Arts County Fair at UBC

By Cait Hammett, ChartAttack.com

April 5, 2001

Thunderbird Stadium

Vancouver, BC

If ever there was an ideal day to check out an outdoor concert, it sure as hell wasn't the day Thunderbird Stadium welcomed five of Canada's finest to its grounds. The pissing rain with a side of wind turned the ground into a muddy mess. But not even the
crappy weather could damper the fun had by the thousands of UBC students out and about, taking in some music and beer while proudly wearing stickers that said such witty slogans as, "Take me drunk, I am home."

Vancouver's Templar were sent out first to warm up the stage and attempt to get the frozen bodies moving. Lead singer Murray Yates was either extremely optimistic about the weather or pulling
a "rock star," as he dawned a pair of shades to shield
his eyes from the evil non-existent sun. Though their sound was polished and perfected, it sounded so much like the CD that I could've sat in the comfort of my own home and enjoyed it just as much. Perhaps they should try pyro or something to keep the people interested (and warm), 'cause "The price is wrong,

The second local talent to hit the stage was Limblifter, introduced by Canadian bad-ass Matthew Good and Chris Nelson. Ryan Dahle, accompanied by friends including Doug Elliot and Pat Stewart (both
formerly of the Odds), played a set of the tried, tested and true tunes as well as two brand spankin' new ones. Being provided with nothing but the best security, some guy voyaged on stage and danced with Doug during "Alarm Bells." They finished with the Dahle written song, "Remote Control." Limblifter, as always, arrived and delivered a show of fine tunes with hilarious onstage banter.

Shortly thereafter, Choclair graced the stage pumpin' out tunes from his disc, Ice Cold. Him and his rapper chum bounced around on the stage making great use of their space. Though rap isn't something I'd typically listen to, Choclair's set proved to be
both appealing and entertaining. He even threw in covers of the Beastie Boys and Rage Against The Machine making his time all the more complete. He had the crowd literally eating out of his hand, as he barely had to rap at times, opting instead to hold out the microphone and let the audience do it themselves.

Saskatoon's Wide Mouth Mason strutted on in their stylish attire and went straight to belting out the radio hits such as "Why" and "Smile." This date was a quick stop for them as they are currently opening for the likes of AC/DC.

And after watching these guys perform live, you'd know why! Bassist Earl Pereira wore naught but a 'wife beater,' and seeing his little barely clothed body made you wonder where the heaters for the stage were being hidden, and if they were at all accessible.

With a show of tunes that are groovy, upbeat and everything else that they should've been on such a crummy day, Wide Mouth Mason was most obviously one of the crowd pleasers and teasers.

Right before 8 p.m., Big Sugar was to hit the stage, but my camera (which had been swimming earlier) and I had previously agreed that the weather was never going to cease and took a ride home when it was offered.

Note To Self: Next year, bring your own toilet paper, because the bathrooms aren't all that inviting.

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