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A few things.....
Friday, October 24, 2003 - Shaun
I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Elliot Smith. If you haven't experienced his brilliant songwriting/guitarplaying/singing I urge you to get Either/Or, XO, or for a more fleshed out Beatle-esque version of his vision get Figure 8. His songs are full of interesting twists and turns, lyrically and musically and his guitar parts are dense without being chordy for chordiness' sake. So damn sad. RIP.

Also I was listening to another genius who died by his own hand today, and I wanted to suggest to other guitar players that you check out a record called In Concert 9/9/94, by the Danny Gatton Band. Not for nothing was this man called the Humbler. I prefer this record to his studio releases. If you can find his Austin City Limits performance and are ready to feel like an absolute beginner I suggest you watch it.

Also before you hear this and think I'm off on a solo career let me tell you that I've accepted an offer to go on a tour with some other Canadian entertainers to Afghanistan in November and December. The military has a template for these trips that they've used since the Korean war which stipulates that just one band goes over, with other guest artists who do solo sets and then a couple songs with the group. They'd already selected a band when our agent suggested me to them, and the guys and my friends and family are cool with it. I'll try to keep you posted during this adventure. I've got that tingly feeling in my loins that I had when I sat on the edge of the grand canyon or before Safwan and I jumped out of a plane. Or before the last time I watched The Big Lebowski.

The kid abides.
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