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Sunday, August 31, 2003 - Safwan
remember a few years ago... (well maybe it was more than that, i can't remember... my memory is a little shot. it might seem strange that i'm asking others to remember something which i can't, but the truth is, that might be what i do most with my time)... when the internet wasn't totally bogged down by ad's, pop-up's and 'get a better and bigger life' emails? the web was more an encyclopedic entity, as opposed to the uber shopping mall it has become. maybe i'm old fashioned, or maybe i'm a left winger--in hockey and in politics--but i think i liked it better when the net was less about advertising and selling, and more about the passing of information. i realize that it is still possible to find information on the world's widest web. i find myself regularly looking up the many things that catch the attention of my conscious mind--ie alternating current vs. direct current, or which cranial nerve is also known as the infraorbital nerve (it's the optic nerve, i think). it just seems like i have to sift through exhorbitant amounts of mega corporations trying to sell me something, before i get to what i'm looking for. i guess i shouldn't complain. at least i'm actually able to get what i'm looking for. it just seems like globalization is an ugly, extremely wealthy, middle aged man who wants way more than he can spend at the cost of others not being able to eat. having said all that, check out our links to amazon.ca to buy things and help support our fan club. also, go buy our cd's to help us make more...i guess i'm a hypocrite like everyone else. someone start a revolution, i've got a lot of guilt to deal with.
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