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perputer zen
Wednesday, August 27, 2003 - Safwan
sorry i was gone for so long. someone stole my computer. i don't want to mention names, but let's just say that the thief and the poet were in bed together.
in answer to the question 'how long is a lifetime?', the buddha said 'it is but a breath'. in the short time as the conscious--and sub-conscious--thought called safwan, i have seen many a wondrous thing. the great wall of china, the grand canyon, the swiss alps, and gatorama, to name but a few. it would seem that the world of wmm is cyclical, and, as such, not dissimilar to my conscious thought, recorded history, the wheel of samsara, wheel of fortune, and my conscious thought.
i recall, with great fondness, being astounded by the spectre of western canada as we travelled in barely functioning vans through the early days of our adventures. the patchwork of the prairies under iridescent sunsets and rises, seemed like lucid dreams; the majestic splendour of the rocky mountains, whether the surreally behemoth albertans, or the soberingly sacrosanct british columbians, imbued deafening humility; and the consciousness manifested by 'the bosom of the pacific ocean, from [steveston] to [nanaimo], and up to...[squamish]...' was breathtakingly gargantuan, and perhaps best exemplified in the stupefaction of our chef-de-mission when he said, "there's something about water, brother."
in the last few months the path of music has been giving us unparalleled visions of beauty. we've had the pleasure of intimately revisiting western canada. in flight the ground looks like a child's model set. flying over the piecemeal quilt, the wrinkled ridges, and the sparkling seas, has been every bit as mind boggling as i remember it being in those days of old...perhaps more so, as repetitive realizations of consciousness often exponentially increase the pleasure derived therein.
to paraphrase an old urdu children's singalong from the indo sub-continent, 'my shoes are from hong kong, these pants are from mexico, on my head is a red hat from america, still my heart is canadian'...it doesn't really sound so poetic in english, but i'll leave the poetry to the poets.
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