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Miles of miles
Thursday, July 17, 2003 - Shaun
Greetings all. I'm writing with the warm blanket of a Saskatchewan summer wrapped around me. I've composed and submitted a couple things since last time but somehow they disappeared into cyberspace. I'm such a greenhorn.

I consider the found sounds on the prairies to be the Miles Davis to Vancouver's John Coltrane. V.'s music is frenetic splatter-painting. Sheets of sound. The prairie sounds are subtler, more measured; space is used to create tension or to leave room for consideration of the notes left to hang over. Maybe a more accurate comparison is this: The prairies are Kind of Blue Miles, the city is Bitches Brew
or On the Corner Miles.

It seems common to assume that the shuffle beat came from jamming with trains. A lot of electronic music reminds me of city sounds. Crickets, birds, cars they all play variations on the theme of their surroundings like the best, most sympathetic bandmates. Our road time in the prairies is like a gigantic margin in my head to be filled in however I want. Some lines from one of our unreleased songs go: "The only lover that I've known wears a streak across her back made of broken yellow lines stitched on shoulders of black, and she's holding me up snaking me on down, skimming over top of the places I dream of." Listen closely enough and a road writes the song for you.
Here's to more roads with scribbled in margins. See you out there. SV
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