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Past journal entries

April 2010 Entries
22 Apr 2010To the fans of Wide Mouth Mason (Kat)
November 2009 Entries
10 Nov 2009Live! Montreux, Switzerland, A Song-by-Song Reminiscence (Shaun)
02 Nov 2009Montreux Musings (Kat)
September 2009 Entries
24 Sep 2009the (very near) future of music? [Safwan] (Kat)
20 Sep 2009Live: Montreux, Switzerland (Shaun)
June 2009 Entries
12 Jun 2009Safwan, 2009.06.12 (Kat)
12 Jun 2009Earl, 2009.06.12 (Kat)
12 Jun 2009Shaun, 2009.06.12 (Kat)
May 2009 Entries
06 May 2009tinariwen (Safwan)
April 2009 Entries
23 Apr (Safwan)
16 Apr 2009satriani v. coldplay (Safwan)
February 2009 Entries
23 Feb 2009Blasts and Bullies (Shaun)
October 2008 Entries
21 Oct 2008call for your input (Safwan)
September 2008 Entries
24 Sep 2008small places, whales, and human rights (Safwan)
August 2008 Entries
08 Aug 2008free music (Safwan)
July 2008 Entries
31 Jul 200808.7 - WMM show in Edmonton (Safwan)
May 2008 Entries
28 May 2008Greetings (Shaun)
April 2008 Entries
07 Apr 2008nash (Safwan)
November 2007 Entries
30 Nov 2007the update (Shaun)
June 2007 Entries
13 Jun 2007We're Back (Earl)
May 2007 Entries
28 May 2007thewidemouthreopens (Shaun)
March 2007 Entries
29 Mar 2007an interesting overview (Safwan)
09 Mar 2007drm (Safwan)
December 2006 Entries
30 Dec 2006Wide Mouth Mason in December (Kat)
02 Dec 2006dingding,all aboard! (Shaun)
November 2006 Entries
15 Nov 2006hindsight (Safwan)
October 2006 Entries
14 Oct 2006Les-Shaun: Companion (Kat)
10 Oct 2006Gutterstar Deluxica (Shaun)
September 2006 Entries
08 Sep 2006Show Some Love 3: Epilogue (Kat)
May 2006 Entries
31 May 2006rather than emailing this to kat, i thought i'd post it... just in case (Safwan)
18 May 2006for all you w fans (Safwan)
12 May 2006everynoteintheworldandsometwice (Shaun)
April 2006 Entries
08 Apr 2006Toomuchfortoolittle (Shaun)
March 2006 Entries
26 Mar 2006the values killing us twice over (Safwan)
February 2006 Entries
15 Feb 2006shoot first (Safwan)
04 Feb 2006ippa, the ippocratic; dippa, the diplomatic (Safwan)
January 2006 Entries
30 Jan 2006the daggerlip sketches (Shaun)
19 Jan 2006touche (Safwan)
16 Jan 2006some stephen harper opinions (Safwan)
December 2005 Entries
29 Dec 2005the first (Kat)
November 2005 Entries
26 Nov 2005amp and rock star not included (Kat)
13 Nov 2005guitarmageddon (Shaun)
October 2005 Entries
29 Oct 2005desperation (Safwan)
21 Oct 2005south asia (Safwan)
10 Oct 20057.6, 6.2, 5.5, and on and on and on (Safwan)
03 Oct 2005Loving the Autumn (Earl)
September 2005 Entries
06 Sep 2005m.i.a. (Safwan)
August 2005 Entries
16 Aug 2005check it out (Safwan)
03 Aug 2005lest we forget II (Safwan)
01 Aug 2005a tenuous co-existence (Safwan)
July 2005 Entries
18 Jul 2005Journally yours... (Earl)
June 2005 Entries
14 Jun 2005documentation (Safwan)
01 Jun 2005the new label (Safwan)
May 2005 Entries
23 May 2005staying attentive (Safwan)
10 May 2005lest we forget guantanamo bay (Safwan)
02 May 2005dancinganddyingtothebeatofyourheart (Shaun)
April 2005 Entries
28 Apr 2005underallthedirtintheworld (Shaun)
18 Apr 2005further on my last journal entry (Kat)
13 Apr 2005cleaved paradise (Kat)
March 2005 Entries
16 Mar 2005crowtoscarecrow (Shaun)
February 2005 Entries
28 Feb 2005Get ready. (Earl)
January 2005 Entries
16 Jan 2005Mixing in Vancouver (Earl)
December 2004 Entries
25 Dec 2004part IV (Safwan)
13 Dec 2004welcome to my home movies (Safwan)
11 Dec 2004studio pictures 04 (Safwan)
09 Dec 2004Thank you (Earl)
07 Dec 2004Where it's at (Shaun)
November 2004 Entries
30 Nov 2004i'm not a poet, but rumi is... (Safwan)
17 Nov 2004thegoatsinthemachine (Shaun)
01 Nov 2004before you get all worked up (Safwan)
September 2004 Entries
29 Sep 2004It's about time hey? (Earl)
24 Sep 2004Bewildra (Shaun)
June 2004 Entries
27 Jun 2004horror of reality - reality of horror (Safwan)
14 Jun 2004ringingtrashcanbells (Shaun)
05 Jun 2004untitled (Shaun)
May 2004 Entries
21 May 2004constellationsinlatenightofficewindows (Shaun)
April 2004 Entries
26 Apr 2004studio 3 (Safwan)
21 Apr 2004studio 2 (Safwan)
20 Apr 2004studio 1 (Safwan)
19 Apr 2004andithesliver (Shaun)
March 2004 Entries
29 Mar 2004underanasteriskmoon (Shaun)
25 Mar 2004admit one (Safwan)
17 Mar 2004realpolitik (Safwan)
February 2004 Entries
11 Feb 2004paintingoverdorian'sface (Shaun)
03 Feb 2004For the fans... (Earl)
January 2004 Entries
15 Jan 2004the war on terror ripples on (Safwan)
December 2003 Entries
09 Dec 2003fromgravoltogranville (Shaun)
09 Dec 2003just some movies we like (Safwan)
02 Dec 2003enlightened sock darning (Safwan)
01 Dec 2003world aids day--more perspective (Safwan)
01 Dec 2003perspective (Safwan)
November 2003 Entries
30 Nov 2003Feldswebel Verreault (Safwan)
29 Nov 2003diesel and dust, gravel and gravol [another letter from shaun] (Safwan)
29 Nov 2003Camp Warehouse [another letter from shaun] (Safwan)
29 Nov 2003another letter from shaun (Safwan)
29 Nov 2003hello from the other side [letter from shaun] (Safwan)
24 Nov 2003the truth hurts (Safwan)
17 Nov 2003they count them if they were in the deck of cards (Safwan)
17 Nov 2003kid, if you plan on doing any sightseeing, don't trim your beard (Safwan)
05 Nov 2003means to an end (Safwan)
October 2003 Entries
24 Oct 2003A few things..... (Shaun)
20 Oct 2003meaninglessness-ssensselgninaem (Safwan)
17 Oct 2003bombs over baghdad (Safwan)
15 Oct 2003meaning-gninaem (Shaun)
11 Oct 2003shallowsipsnearerthebrimtotastetheairaroundthedrink (Shaun)
11 Oct 2003enema part II (Safwan)
05 Oct 2003enema (Safwan)
03 Oct 2003pop (Safwan)
03 Oct 2003extinguishing the self (Safwan)
01 Oct 2003nope, it's asses (Shaun)
September 2003 Entries
30 Sep 2003prayer at the aphelion (Shaun)
19 Sep 2003poor misguided beaver? (Safwan)
19 Sep 2003Hey Klels, (Shaun)
19 Sep 2003openarmsrunning (Shaun)
10 Sep 2003fingersmovingonmyhand (Shaun)
10 Sep 2003lucid dreaming (Safwan)
03 Sep 2003bushleaguepsychoutstuff,laughablemang! (Shaun)
03 Sep 2003the aerialists (Shaun)
August 2003 Entries
31 Aug 2003ramble on (Safwan)
27 Aug 2003rockoverlondonrockonchicago (Shaun)
27 Aug 2003perputer zen (Safwan)
25 Aug 2003jumpingatshadowslikepetergreensaid (Shaun)
22 Aug 2003Poltergeistgustriders (Shaun)
20 Aug 2003roadsongforthestuntwomen (Shaun)
07 Aug 2003deadlyricgarden (Shaun)
06 Aug 2003Celebrity Snowmen (Shaun)
July 2003 Entries
30 Jul 2003treefingerfilmfest (Shaun)
24 Jul 2003verse and chorus dating service (Shaun)
17 Jul 2003Miles of miles (Shaun)
07 Jul 2003Ok perputer (Shaun)
June 2003 Entries
09 Jun 2003books we like (Shaun)
April 2003 Entries
25 Apr 2003canadian identity eh? (Safwan)
March 2003 Entries
15 Mar 2003an eksess of letters (Safwan)
10 Mar 2003rings and squares (Safwan)
February 2003 Entries
22 Feb 2003i think karl marx said something about not knowing what it means to live in a hut until one has. (Safwan)
January 2003 Entries
27 Jan 2003old man winter (Safwan)
December 2002 Entries
25 Dec 2002seasonal warmth (Safwan)
08 Dec 2002we're back (Safwan)
01 Dec 2002taiyuan (Safwan)
November 2002 Entries
28 Nov 2002Beijing (Safwan)
21 Nov 2002green & yellow? (Safwan)
03 Nov 2002Rest for the tired (Safwan)
October 2002 Entries
01 Oct 2002on the road again (Safwan)
September 2002 Entries
07 Sep 2002pre-production (Safwan)
August 2002 Entries
31 Aug 2002post promo tour (Safwan)
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