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Shaun Verreault of Wide Mouth Mason

Born January 7 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, Shaun Verreault was an only child for much of his early childhood. Then, one day in school at Holliston Elementary he met and became friends with a young boy named Safwan Javed who'd recently moved to Saskatoon from Prince Edward Island, and who would become the brother to Shaun and vice-versa in years to come.

To the aural relief of music fans today, the two would move beyond a moment of childhood catastrophe where Shaun's actions on the playground ended up causing the pants and boat shoes much beloved by Safwan as part of his then-Miami Vice driven fashion sense to become grass-stained. The two would build a friendship that would encompass much of their elementary school years and beyond. In high school, Shaun would introduce himself to Earl Pereira after he first hears and sees the fellow grade eleven student, albeit from a different high school a few kilometres down the road from Aden Bowman, perform as lead singer of a band at that school's variety night. The combination of the initial friendship between two little boys named Shaun and Safwan in elementary school, and the later fated addition of Earl to the musical melange, would result in a musical sum that would be greater than its individual parts, Wide Mouth Mason.

The Shaun that would be would never become what a young Shaun had watched, notably cartoon heroes Spiderman and Rocket Robin Hood, and would have a passing interest in Lego and the old-school video game Q-Bert. Instead, it was his affinity for music that began with picking up a Seagull Acoustic guitar that would become one of the guiding passions of Shaun's life. Beginning at the age of 10, Shaun would take lessons from various guitar instructors for six to seven years, beginning his mastery of the instrument with such standards as "Jingle Bells" and "Johnny B. Goode" and gradually incorporating the styles and musical licks of musicians he admired and would later meet later on in his own musical career.

As the guitarist and primary vocalist of Wide Mouth Mason, Shaun's skills as a songwriter and lyricist have contributed to the band's ability to speak to the emotions of life that are not only felt and experienced by themselves as individuals but are also expressed musically in ways that allow fans to hear a part of themselves in their music. Though he has yet to develop an affinity for such new-fangled devices as computers, Shaun remains open to the idea of experiencing what has yet to be experienced, be it in life or in the music that guides it.

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