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Safwan Javed of Wide Mouth Mason

Born April 13 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, Safwan Javed spent the first few years of his childhood growing up in his parents' country of birth, Pakistan, before returning to Canada's Prince Edward Island at about four and a half years of age and later to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to grow up. It was there in Saskatoon, a city on the Canadian prairies, that a six-year old Safwan would soon become a classmate of one Shaun Verreault in elementary school, the two becoming fast friends and eventually forming two-thirds of a trinity that would become Wide Mouth Mason.

With fond memories of childhood, including: watching favourite cartoons such as "Spiderman and his Amazing Friends", collecting G.I. Joe action figures and Hot Wheels cars, and playing then-not-so-classic video games like Centipede, the young Safwan became intrigued by the drums, eventually getting a used set of Pearl drums at the age of 10 and beginning to learn the craft he'd eventually become known for. Taking lessons for several years, Safwan would first learn the basic rock beat and press roll and with his new talent for keeping the beat participate in an impromptu performance of "Wipe Out" with Shaun that would become one of the seminal moments in the growth and development of a young musician not yet knowing what his career in music was to encompass.

In his last year of high school, Safwan would meet Earl Pereira at his school's talent show and shortly after graduation, Safwan, Earl, and Shaun would begin to develop their skills playing as a group. And yet the band that is now known as Wide Mouth Mason would not yet officially form and perform as such until 1995. In the few years following graduation until the group's emergence as Wide Mouth Mason, Safwan would begin and complete a Bachelor's degree in Religious Studies from the University of Saskatchewan before dedicating his efforts full-time to the art of the beat.

As the drummer and percussionist of Wide Mouth Mason, Safwan's role in the band often includes one of advocacy on behalf of the band and attention to the business aspect that forms part of anyone's involvement in the music industry. Safwan can frequently be found dealing with the myriad of daily tasks related to the work of being a band, including assisting in the set-up and take-down of his own gear before and after performances and responding to fan questions via email.

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