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  The following interviews have come from people like you. This site thrives on user participation. Keep submitting interviews you have the time to transcribe by sending an an email to the dotNET with the subject line "Wide Mouth Mason Interview Submission". For further details, contact the Fan Network.

2005 Interviews
  26 Oct 2005   Interview with Shaun Verreault of Wide Mouth Mason
  26 Oct 2005   Interview with Shaun Verreault of Wide Mouth Mason
2004 Interviews
  21 Jun 2004   (Approximately) Twenty Questions with Safwan
2003 Interviews
  25 Jul 2003   Tasty Beats: Planet S Magazine interviews Earl
  06 Apr 2003   Live Chat Transcript: 2003.04.06
2002 Interviews
  23 Oct 2002   K-ROCK 105.7 interviews Shaun
  23 Oct 2002   Studio Q interviews Shaun
  21 Oct 2002   106.9 The Bear's Wendy Daniels talks to Shaun
  18 Oct 2002   Edge 102.1 interviews Wide Mouth Mason
  10 Oct 2002   Straight from the Wide Mouth
  16 Sep 2002   UmbrellaTV interviews Three Guys From Saskatoon
  29 Aug 2002   Earl sure is popYOUlar...
  12 Jul 2002   Wide Mouth Mason: Homesick Blues
  03 Jun 2002   Made by Masonites: A conversation with Shaun
  29 May 2002   Made By Masonites: The PEI Crew Interview
  01 Apr 2002   Homesick Blues
  01 Mar 2002   17 Questions with a Famous Canuck
  01 Jan 2002   Back-Stage-Pass interviews WMM
  01 Jan 2002   Rival Mag Interview
2001 Interviews
  13 Oct 2001   Live Chat Transcript
  06 Oct 2001   Tim Horton's Makes Good Coffee
  11 Apr 2001   A Conversation With Wide Mouth Mason's Safwan Javed
  01 Jan 2001   Shaun talks to canehdian.com
2000 Interviews
  24 Nov 2000   In Conversation with Wide Mouth Mason
  20 Aug 2000   MuchWest interview
1999 Interviews
02 Mar 1999   MuchMusic interview
1998 Interviews
  01 Sep 1998   MuchWest - Interview from Greehouse Studios









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