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Welcome to the WMMdotNET Shoppe

Once production and shipping costs are covered, remaining monies go towards ongoing Fan Network operations. Shipping and packaging costs are included within the individual purchase price of each item. Any orders for items that become out of stock will be either be held until more stock becomes available or can be used for future purchases.

All orders received by the 15th day of each month will be shipped during the last week of the same month.

Other ways to support the Wide Mouth Mason Fan Network are through buying items at the Fan Network CafePress.com store or purchasing items at Amazon Canada through links at WMMdotNET.

WMMdotNET 4-button pack

4 button pack of snazzy Wide Mouth Mason buttons!
Set of four fantastic one-inch buttons made by Mad Cow Mfg.

Support Sticker
($5.00 - limited quantities)

Support Fan Network operations by purchasing this sticker!
Circular sticker. Support WMMdotNET!

Fan Network T-shirt
($15.00 - limited quantities in all sizes, band not included)

Close-up of Wide Mouth Mason Fan Network T-shirt. Wide Mouth Mason Fan Network T-shirt. Band not included.

Please note, all shirts are white heavyweight Gildan t-shirts. Sizes are unisex. Shirts are sold on an "as is" basis. The Fan Network does not guarantee any shirt availability.


Rained Out Parade Poster - 18 x 24

Rained Out Parade Poster - 18 x 24
18 x 24 poster featuring the album art from Wide Mouth Mason's album, Rained Out Parade









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