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To submit anything to the Wide Mouth Mason Fan Network, email dotNET at WideMouthMason dotCOM with a Wide Mouth Mason related subject line describing what the nature of your submission is. i.e. "WMM news submission", "WMM Interview submission", "WMM Review submission", "WMM Tab submission", etc. The Administrator for the Fan Network (who is Wide Mouth Mason's Chef de mission) and its related website can be reached at the same address or alternatively the Chef de mission can also be emailed directly.

Wide Mouth Mason can be reached by email through the Contact section WideMouthMason.com. Please keep in mind that the guys are busy musicians and do not always have reliable net access on the road. Wide Mouth Mason's booking agency is The Agency Group.



Contacting Wide Mouth Mason's Chef de mission

Please contact Wide Mouth Mason's Chef de mission, Kat for any other questions or queries you may have, including but not limited to:

  • charity requests

  • media requests,

  • press photo access, and

  • the Wide Mouth Mason Fan Network.








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